The Innovative Healthcare Group and Emergence Healthcare Group


The Innovative Healthcare Group re-engineers and develops programs for hospitals across the country. They help hospital medical teams solve problems that keep them from delivering excellent care. Their work is centered on re-orienting physician programs and aligning their success with hospital vision and strategic plan. These services offer hospitals a proven model for program development and implementation.

Emergence Healthcare Group

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Emergence Healthcare Group is a medical support service that helps private practice physicians manage the day-to-day operations of their practices. The group helps private practice physicians deliver meaningful health outcomes while focusing on the day-to-day operations of their practice. This service provides physicians with a dedicated team of medical professionals to help them grow their practice and reach their potential.

Emergence works with private practices to help them launch new practices and maintain existing ones. They also help physicians hire and manage non-clinical employees, streamline billing and revenue cycles, and handle advertising and reporting and analytics. This enables individual physicians to focus on clinical care and improve their profitability. While most private practices focus on patient care and developing long-term relationships, Emergence also provides turn-key practice solutions.

Health2047, a Silicon Valley-based innovation firm backed by the American Medical Association, spun out Emergence Healthcare Group as its latest portfolio company. With its turnkey practice management platform, Emergence allows physicians to focus on patient care and other clinical aspects while leaving administrative responsibilities to the experts. The company also offers EHR, revenue-cycle management, and billing and marketing systems to support physicians.

Emergence also provides office space for physicians. Many of its office spaces are close to retail centers and other locations where people can have lunch or a cup of coffee. Physicians can choose which days of the week they want to locate their practice, and exam rooms will be assigned to them. These features are vital to the success of any practice and can help physicians save time and money.
Essential Healthcare Group

Essential Healthcare Group is a specialty practice comprised of three doctors. The three doctors, Harry Park, Christopher Stanke, and Sarah Brendler, all have advanced degrees in their respective fields. They are board certified in internal medicine and work with patients throughout New Jersey. Their primary goals are to provide compassionate care and provide the best treatment possible. They believe that the patients who visit their office feel comfortable with their care, and they strive to exceed patient expectations.

For physicians seeking a career transition from private practice to group practice, the Essential Healthcare Group is an excellent choice. The company provides full professional support and multiple pathways for income growth. Physicians can also count on volume security and reduced risk when joining a larger group. In addition, the Essential Healthcare Group takes care of the business aspects, allowing physicians to focus on patient care.
Graham Healthcare Group

Graham Healthcare Group provides technology-driven home health care and hospice services. With offices in Florida and Pennsylvania, the company serves about 60,000 patients a year. Its partners include physician groups, health systems, and hospitals. It designs business and technology solutions that help its clients achieve their goals. This multi-billion-dollar company is a division of Graham Holdings Company. Among its subsidiaries are Residential Healthcare Group, Allegheny Health Network, and Mary Free Bed at Home.

Graham Healthcare Group has appointed Shelle Jones as its new Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. She brings extensive experience in strategy and post-acute care leadership roles. She will work with partner organizations to develop an integrated home-based post-acute strategy that meets the specific needs of the local communities. Shelle Jones previously served as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for AccentCare, Inc.

Graham Healthcare Capital Company will hire two new executives to its Nashville office. These executives will pursue private equity investment opportunities. They will also expand the firm’s access to healthcare auctions and proprietary healthcare deals. The Nashville-based firm is currently investing in physician practice management, specialty pharmacy, and technology-enabled solutions.

Graham Healthcare Group has the experience and financial resources needed to take advantage of this new market. Its portfolio includes hospice and home health services. Its parent company, Graham Holdings, has diversified media operations and educational services. It also has a digital team focused on innovation. Its subsidiaries include Celtic Healthcare, a home-hospice provider in Pennsylvania. It also owns Joyce/Dayton Corp.
Amity Healthcare Group

Amity Healthcare Group is a Denver-based consulting company. Its registered address is 5600 S Quebec St Unit 109 A, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. This company specializes in the provision of rehabilitation and continuous health care to patients. The company has several locations in the area. The following are some of the services it provides:

The company offers a wide range of services that help home health providers meet Medicare and regulatory requirements. Its staff consists of highly-trained nurses with decades of experience. The company also offers hospice agencies a partner who will simplify the entire process. With a well-organized staff, hospice agencies can focus on caring for patients, instead of dealing with inexperienced traveling nurses and unpredictable patient loads.

Amity Healthcare Group offers expertise in compliance, quality management, education, billing and reimbursement. Its staff can help you prepare for surveys and other quality inspections. In addition, the company provides systems to help your staff maintain compliance. It also provides management and business process outsourcing services. Whether you’re a home health provider or a healthcare organization, Amity can help you grow and prosper.

Senior And  Elderly Pension Protection

Amity also helps home health agencies meet competency requirements. It has developed virtual competencies for skilled nursing staff and will roll them out for home health therapists in the coming months. Competency requirements for home health workers vary state-to-state. Through this program, the company can bring the best training methods to direct care staff.

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